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Cay`lox Avid Calcit



Alia umbra fida X Paartal Pioneers Canthos


Birth: 08.04.2006


Studbook-No.: DRC F-06-2322



Hüften: A1

HD / ED: clear

Ellbogen: clear

HC / PRA / RD: clear

Gonio: clear

Zahnstatus: top


Formwert: excellent


Breeding-licence: get without pads






Show Results


Pfostenschau Celle 2006 - vv1

Pfostenschau Braunschweig 2006 - vv2


DRC Timmerlage 2008 - V1, CAC, Anwartschaft Dt.Champion VDH, Beste Hündin BOS

DRC Emkendorf 2008 - vorzüglich


DRC Timmerlage 2009 - V1, CAC, Anwartschaft Dt.Champion VDH + Club


DRC Timmerlage 2010 - V2, Res.CAC, Anwartschaft Dt.Champion VDH + Club

VDH Int.Austellung Bremen 2010 - V1, CAC, Anwartschaft Dt.Champion VDH

VDH Nat.Austellung Bremen 2010 - V1, CAC, Anwartschaft Dt.Champion VDH

VDH Int.Ausstellung Leipzig 2010 - SG 1

VDH Nat.Austellung Leipzig 2010 - V2, Res.CAC, Anwartschaft Dt.Champion VDH

VDH Int.Ausstellung Hannover 2010 - V2, Res.CAC, Anwartschaft Dt.Champion VDH





Dummyprüfung Anfänger - bestanden ( 3.Platz )


Begleithundeprüfung Teil A - bestanden ( 2.Platz )


Diverse Workingtests A + F - bestanden


Wesenstest - bestanden


Formwert - vorzüglich



Temperament test


The 25-month-old flat bitch showed very movement-happy and spirited. She is persistent and attentive. The bitch shows physical hardness. It has a well developed play instinct. The hunting facilities are well developed. The bitch has a good bond and readiness for submission. Absolutely safe in contact with strangers, and friendly. Completely safe during the rehearsal of the circle and the supine and unimpressed. Also in the field of optical and acoustic.





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